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Other documentaries TaTanka has produced:

  • “Back from the Brink” a short documentary telling the story of how Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight helped save the buffalo, as told by a distant relative and sculpturist, Veryl Goodnight. The program was produced for The Wildlife Experience Museum, Denver, CO.

  • “Beyond the Burka” HDNet World Report (Afghanistan) (1x30) Changes for women in Afghanistan. 

  • “The Littlest Illegals in the Hands of Strangers” HDNet World Report (Mexico, Arizona) (1x30) A story of children of illegal immigrants crossing the border with coyotes or alone, facing abuse and sometimes death.

  • "Heart and Hand" 8:25 minutes successful fund raising program for children at risk.​      


Back from the Brink

Beyond the Burka

Beyond the Burka

The Littlest Immigrants in the Hands of Strangers

Heart and Hand

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