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A Social Justice Documentary


Tom and Sabrina are presently focusing on a social justice documentary they are producing in Afghanistan “The War Within: Afghanistan at a Crossroads". This program is about the survival of Afghanistan as a democratic society based on a functioning legitimate government and economy.  The documentary tells the story of Afghanistan’s addiction to opium and heroin. More than 50% of the working Afghan population derives its income from the drug trade. It is the story of a weak and corrupt government.  It is also the story of a government that is indebted to warlords and drug lords and their world of opium and heroin production, trafficking and the war with Taliban.  In the big picture, this is a social issue driven documentary but it will be told in a character driven format. 

Tom and Sabrina in the poppy fields of Afghanistan

Sabrina interviewing first female presidential candidate for Afghanistan

To tell this story of conflict, Tom and Sabrina will chronicle the lives of three Afghan men and their families.  These men in many ways represent those that will be most affected by the political and social outcome of the poppy conflict.  Their stories are the same collective stories being told by many Afghans.  The first individual is Mohammed Qayoom, a poppy farmer in Nangahar Province.  The second is Hazrat Ali, the most powerful warlord/drug lord in Nangahar Province and a member of the Afghan Parliament.  The third individual is Ahmad Shaw Malakzai, the former chief drug agent for Nangahar Province but he has been demoted to the head of a small police station in a remote district in the province. He was doing too good of a job arresting poppy farmers and 





This project is being funded by grants and donations from around the world and we are presently seeking a co-production with a European or Middle Eastern broadcaster.  


A video demo of "The War Within" can be viewed on the next page, War Within Demo.  If you are interested in this project, a proposal is available for your review.

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Tom interviewing in the poppy farmer in Afghanistan

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