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TaTanka is presently seeking a co-production broadcaster for its series “Songs of the Wild.”  “Songs” is a 13x30 series of preservation stories of wildlife and wildlands.

“Songs of the Wild” 

Is an anthology of stories set in the untamed and uniquely beautiful lands of the America's National Wildlife Refuge System which embrace an area larger than all of our National Parks combined.  And they are a large part of our history, our folklore, and our search for meaning in a world of accelerating complexity and bewildering ambiguity.  The wildlife refuges represent a kind of truce between nature and the human community, between things of our time and things that are timeless, between what is civil and what is wild.

The stage for our series spreads from the frozen arctic tundra to the remote coral reefs of the Hawaiian Archipelago...from San Francisco Bay to the northern forests of Minnesota where

the gray wolf calls to the moon...

from the Yukon River to Florida’s Indian River...

from Red Rock Lakes in Montana to the Texas marshes of the whooping crane. But there are also some surprises on this living stage, unexpected settings, such as wildlife refuges within the city or in areas once used as bombing ranges or as dumping grounds for toxic waste.


President Roosevelt was key in helping save the buffalo through the National Wildllife Refuges


"Songs of the Wild" is about nature. It is also about human nature. The episodes of this series challenge issues head on; issues of innocence and ignorance, courage and sacrifice that have been at the heart of the long and turbulent love affair we have had with the natural environment. The series will careen from fact to legend, from science to myth, from natural history to history, from poetry to polemics. It will cut to the quick, of issues whether political or in the realm of science, and it will offer a forum for opposing opinions about the most conflictive issues that have faced us in the past and that challenge our passage into the future.


"Songs of the Wild" will not always be harmonic, but will sometimes be filled with stanzas of pain, melancholy and regret.  But in the main, "Songs of the Wild" are celebrations of life and of the Earth and of the human capacity to know how connected we are to all living things. The series will be instructive, inspiring, often surprising, always accurate in terms of natural history. Its major characters are the creatures Noah carried on the Arc. And it always remembers that among those creatures was man, was woman. "Songs of the Wild" reminds us that we are not apart from nature, but are an integral part of nature, just as subject to its laws as are the bear, the trout and the swan.

TaTanka is presently seeking a co-production broadcaster. A detailed proposal and an outline of each program can be obtained by contacting  A demo of "Songs of the Wild" can be seen on the next menu tab, Songs of the Wild Demo.

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